Triathlon in a Month 2019

Triathlon in a Month

What is Triathlon in a Month?

A July challenge to get active, enjoy different “activities”, push personal goals, and have fun in the summertime!

What counts? That is up to you. Mix up your “Tri” – swimming, yoga, biking, running, hiking, CrossFit, dancing, kayaking, gardening.

Registration includes your ‘Triathlon in a Month’ printable race bib, a private personal profile, activity entry tools, and leaderboards.

There are no required fees to participate; your registration donation is tax-deductible and helps provide programs to kids, military families, schools and low-income communities. Triathlon in a Month is brought to you by the nonprofit HealthCode®, whose mission is to empower people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases.


Your Registration Donation Helps Schools and Military Families

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Triathlon in a Month is a virtual triathlon challenge to complete YOUR Triathlon of YOUR own design, the activities of interest and skill levels.

Lace up those shoes, find your swimming goggles and get ready to participate in Triathlon in a Month™. This global activity challenge starts July 1 and goes to July 31.

Create your own family and friends’ triathlon and triple the fun! Include in your Triathlon a goal to visit new parks, neighborhoods and cities.

Run or hike a new park trail.

Walk and explore a new part of your city and include walking tours as you visit new cities.

Bike with friends, try trail biking, and explore a new part of your community.

Swim in the pool, a lake or in the sea; integrate Marco Polo into the mix and other fun water games. Start off with swimming classes and maybe learn life-saving. Be sure to have fun, while you play safe. Thinking of water enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking as part of your triathlon

Dancing counts with bonus points under the full moon.

Yoga, building strength and flexibility, a great way activity in parks or at home.

Learn something new – inline skating or cross-fit and workouts with family and friends.

Play Tom Sawyer – engage the entire family by making yard and gardening work part of the fun in your triathlon with a weekly date during July.

Benefits of Swimming

Nothing probably beats swimming when you consider a sports and fitness activity that has multiple health benefits. Swimming can be considered as a whole body workout as most of your muscles are engaged. It increases your heart rate, thereby helping you achieve your cardiovascular fitness goals. It also increases your muscle strength and endurance. Engage in swimming in the upcoming ‘Triathlon in a Month’ and you get one step closer towards a healthy lifestyle.

Practice Yoga, It Works!

Considered an activity for both physical and mental well-being without having to hit the gym, yoga can be performed anywhere that is free from ambient noise. Focusing on physical benefits, yoga helps you with weight loss, better flexibility, mobility, and improved breathing. Mental health benefits include stress management, better concentration levels, reduced depression, and it even subsides the effects of traumatic experiences in the past. Make yoga a part of your activities in ‘Triathlon in a Month’ event and step up your health and fitness levels.

Benefits of Bike Riding

Like yoga, cycling helps attain the physical and mental balance that most people yearn for. Riding a bike through busy streets to work would save you a lot of time, help burn a few thousand calories, and even reduce air pollution. Like swimming, cycling is an aerobic activity that stimulates the lungs and heart which in turn helps reduce body fat. Cycling also entails most of the benefits which other forms of exercises offer such as a decrease in stress levels, growth and toning of muscles, increased joint mobility, and the list goes on and on.

Cycling can also be enjoyed with your fellow riders. So take up cycling as a part of ‘Triathlon in a Month’ and make it a fun triathlon.

Health Benefits of Running

The advantage of taking up running as an exercise is that you don’t need a perfectly laid down fitness program. You can just get up, put on your running shoes, and run! Running a mile can burn around 100 calories for an average human being, thus resulting in fat loss. Being an aerobic activity, it helps in increasing fitness and endurance levels of your heart and lungs. Contrary to the common misconception, running improves your knee health, making you less susceptible to osteoarthritis or any forms of knee pain.

So stretch your leg muscles and get set to run at ‘Triathlon in a Month’. You could even enroll as a virtual race and get on top of the leaderboard if you have that competitive blood in you.

Dancing as an Exercise

The expression ‘Dancing on air’ holds true for a lot of people as dancing helps reduce stress and be happier. Dancing can also help boost your memory and prevent memory loss at an older age. The extent of fat loss or the number of calories burnt varies with the dance form you choose. Taking Zumba for example; it is a high-energy dance workout that burns lots of calories even without you realizing it. Dancing increases energy and flexibility as well. Not treating this as a fitness event and performing just for the sheer fun of it might even encourage the innate dancer in you to take it up as a career! Take part in Triathlon in a Month’ and dance your way to a healthier self.

Triathlon is a great way to improve your fitness caliber and get started on your fitness journey if you haven’t already. You could keep a check on your fitness level by tracking metrics such as the number of calories burnt or the distance covered in a period of time. Using an activity tracker would be of much help here and might even fetch you a position on the leaderboard depending upon your activity level.

‘Triathlon in a Month’ is focused towards improving your mental health and physical fitness while doing what we could for the betterment of the less fortunate and those in need of help.