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EVENTS (How Events Work)

Marathon in a Month 2020

Marathon in a Month™

An October personal challenge to complete 26.2 miles (marathon) or 50 miles (ultra-marathon) or 100 miles (ultra-ultra-marathon) of running and/or walking throughout the month.

Turkey Trek 2020

Turkey Trek

A November virtual trek to stay active and safely socially connected.

Give the Gift of Health 2020

Give the Gift of Health

A December global virtual activity event to help celebrate health and happiness; friends and family.

Registration Opens November 15th.

iResolve. 2020


A kick-off to make your January activity resolution a reality! Set your goal. Measure your progress. Make this the best year ever!

Registration Opens December 15th.

Love Your Health 2021

Love Your Health

A February virtual activity event celebrating health and wellbeing: being active, eating smart, and fostering positive relationships.

Registration Opens January 15th.

Spring into Action 2021

Spring into Action

A March activity event to have fun, move and celebrate spring!


Million Mile Month 2020

Million Mile Month™ - April Community Challenge

An annual April challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as one global community.

May Million Mile Month 2020

Million Mile Month™ - May Community Challenge

A May virtual challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as one global community.

Triathlon in a Month - In Training 2020

June's Triathlon in a Month - In Training

A June challenge to “train” for your customized Triathlon. You decide the activities best for you, have fun, and stay safely connected!

Triathlon in a Month 2020

Triathlon in a Month™

A July challenge to get active, enjoy different “activities”, push your personal goals, and have fun in the summer time!

Dog Days of Summer 2020

Dog Days of Summer

An August virtual challenge to have fun, stay active, and safely connected! Who's the Big Dog?

Fall Into Action 2020

Fall Into Action

A September global virtual activity event to stay connected and safely socially connected. 

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COVID-19's stress on our lives is immense, from increased sedentary lifestyles to social isolation and more. HealthCode's monthly global virtual activity events help you, your family, friends, work colleagues, and community stay physically active and safely socially connected; even if around the globe or across the street.

HealthCode’s™ global virtual activity events support your busy life. You “race”, at your pace, at a time best for you! You decide your mileage goal and your activities – running to yoga. Whether you are looking for a weight loss challenge, interested in group fitness with your friends and coworkers, or just want to get in shape, HealthCode is for you! So off to the virtual races!

Use HealthCode’s activity logger to keep track of your progress or connect FitBit and MapMyFitness devices and apps. So if your goal is to complete a virtual 5k race or a longer virtual marathon, HealthCode has you covered.

Registration includes your private personal profile page, leaderboards, and being a part of the amazing HealthCode global community!

No required fee, however, registration contributions are tax-deductible and enable school children, low-income individuals and communities to participate; plus improve the program to better meet your needs.

HealthCode™ is a nonprofit 501 c3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases.